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Grey Skies Fallen

My introduction to this band was during the early hours of one morning, I think it was probably around 3:00am while I was listening to Last.FM play my “November’s Doom” playlist. When the song “The Purest Form” played, It was history.

Looking up on the web for more info about the band, I eventually came across their website, and surprisingly they were giving away their entire album catalog for free (as a download at the time). Unsigned and giving away their music?! I got to hand it to these guys, they wanted to reach a wide audience.

Grey Skies Fallen play a heavier form of Metal, inspired by various Doom Metal bands, and the collective unexpectedly come from New York. The more I read about the band, the more it becomes apparent that these guys love and breath Metal. Today I’m reviewing their first album “The Fate of Angels”.

The album starts of with quite possibly one of the highlights and probably a fan favourite entitled “The Purest Form”. An excellent intro and quite a solid vocal delivery. But what makes the entire album is the Grey Skies Fallen sound. When the song passes the 2:00 mark, there the band showcases their melancholy and Rick Habeeb’s vocals just soar. An excellent break before going back to that memorable riff that started the entire album off.

The album continues on with another good vocal performance in “The Great Fall”, then followed by the dramatic instrumental entitled “Spiral Dreams”. I remember first listening to the album and getting caught off guard by such a keyboard-laden piece early on in an album. Further listening to “The Fate of Angels”, it shows that the band make good use of the synths.

It’s when the song “Drawn To The Earth” played that officially made me a fan of the band. The atmospheric synths accompanied by Rick Habeeb’s strong vocals make this one of my favourites for the album.

There are a lot of other things that make “The Fate of Angels” an excellent Doom-inspired Heavy Metal record. For one, I can hear throughout the entire album that this sounds like a “first album” of sorts for the band. Some of the songs seem to be longer than it should. A perfect example of this would be in the song “Athena”. It has a nice build-up to it and it sounds like it was a song originally made from two drastically different tracks: Excellent tune and a rather contrasting chorus!

The album ends with my personal favourite, the title track “The Fate of Angels”. This is where I truly appreciated Rick Habeeb’s vocals. Powerful, unique and truly soaring. The band close their album on a sombre note that makes me want more.

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