Bloodshedd’s “Spare No One”


Bloodshedd's Spare No One (Original Cover "Beast Six Nine Six")

Fuck it. Bloodshedd have released a Thrash Metal album extravaganza that I’ll probably still listen to after many years when the apocalypse comes. Here we have an album that is a slab of excellent Filipino Thrash Metal.

I’ve only listened to them live, and my initial impression of the band, is the same as with a lot of other Filipino Metal bands playing the streets of Manila, their sound deserves to be on a bigger stage, with better equipment. In “Spare No One”, the drumming leaves me asking for more. The drumming keeps my attention on the music throughout the album. A drastic comparison to their live performances where the bass drum can’t be heard. A pity since their live performances are very head bangin’ entertaining.

Although it may sound that I’m talking all praise about the album, I couldn’t help but want more growls into the music. Don’t get me wrong, Jojo’s vocal performance is relentless and has easily become one of my favourites in the Filipino Metal scene, but in its entirety,  someone doing some backing guttural vocals on some of the songs would have just hit the spot for me.

Time will tell when the album grows on me enough for me to just sing along to it. One thing’s for sure, I now need to listen to their debut album and see what happens from there.

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